Ghost of a Lie

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Ghost of a Lie by Lorna Gray
Ghost of a Lie by Lorna Gray

Mid-March 1947: Six long weeks of blizzards and hardship close with a lethal manhunt…

Eleanor Elliot, single-handedly battling to keep her tiny Cotswold Farmstead fed and intact, is about to experience a winter unlike any other.

Icy and remorseless, the storm makes one last stand before giving way to the belated spring, and its gusts carry more than the report of a murder. They bring suspicion, the police and the panicked flight of a desperate man.

More dangerous still, an impulsive rescue forces a confrontation with the old ties of a failed romance. And when the truth proves to be even less forgiving than the weather, can Eleanor deal with her own past before a murderer makes plans for her future?

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