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Portrait of a King Charles Spaniel

Harvey - King Charles Spaniel Puppy portrait

This new commission to create a portrait of Harvey, a young King Charles Spaniel, was a real challenge. His colouring and unique expression demanded a special attention to detail and I was particularly determined to avoid turning an already very cute puppy into something from Disney. Added to that, the commission dictated the use of charcoal to match an earlier portrait of the family’s other dog.

After some head-scratching, I decided to use a very little pastel to add the touches of colour and worked over the charcoal with graphite to build texture and detail. Lightness and expression were created by gently cleaning areas with an eraser before adding the final touches in intense charcoal.

The finished portrait is a good likeness and now hangs side by side with that of the dog’s good friend Max.

Cover artwork now in print

Heronfield cover artwork designed by Lorna Gray

When friend and Heronfield author Dorinda Balchin approached me with an idea for her book cover, I was only too excited to offer my help. Using a combination of Photoshop to combine images and Adobe Illustrator for text and the design for the figures, the creation of the final artwork was a remarkably smooth process.

The novel, a sweeping saga set against the bloody battles of WWII, is centred around a country house, Heronfield. In designing this cover artwork, I hoped to imply something of the strife of foreign fields while retaining the emotional link to the characters’ beloved home. The design was also influenced by the artwork for Gone with the Wind, a film synonymous with epic love stories.

Details of how to get your own copy of Heronfield (both digital and print) are available on