Aberystwyth Update

Last week’s research trip to Aberystwyth took in the train station, the old police station and the pier. Believe it or not, despite living in the town for three years, I had never once set foot on the pier. Shocking, isn’t it?

The train station was particularly fascinating. Thanks to the detailed assistance of the Curator of Ceredigion Museum, it was possible to trace the original route of the Rheidol railway, the Carmarthen line (closed 1964), the shunting yard with its turn-table and vast coal piles, and last but not least the ticket office. There were originally 8 platforms to bring in and carry away the summer visitors and one can only imagine how busy the place was back then.

An original station sign from Aberystwyth

The car park behind this original station sign occupies the site of platforms 5-8 and the shunting yard. Beyond is the University Art School.